v. & n.
—v. (past shook; past part. shaken)
1 tr. & intr. move forcefully or quickly up and down or to and fro.
2 a intr. tremble or vibrate markedly. b tr. cause to do this.
3 tr. a agitate or shock. b colloq. upset the composure of.
4 tr. weaken or impair; make less convincing or firm or courageous (shook his confidence).
5 intr. (of a voice, note, etc.) make tremulous or rapidly alternating sounds; trill (his voice shook with emotion).
6 tr. brandish; make a threatening gesture with (one's fist, a stick, etc.).
7 intr. colloq. shake hands (they shook on the deal).
8 tr. esp. US colloq. = shake off.
1 the act or an instance of shaking; the process of being shaken.
2 a jerk or shock.
3 (in pl.; prec. by the) a fit of or tendency to trembling or shivering.
4 Mus. a trill.
5 = milk shake.
Phrases and idioms:
in two shakes (of a lamb's or dog's tail) very quickly. no great shakes colloq. not very good or significant. shake a person by the hand = shake hands. shake down
1 settle or cause to fall by shaking.
2 settle down.
3 become established; get into harmony with circumstances, surroundings, etc.
4 US sl. extort money from. shake the dust off one's feet depart indignantly or disdainfully. shake hands (often foll. by with) clasp right hands at meeting or parting, in reconciliation or congratulation, or over a concluded bargain. shake one's head move one's head from side to side in refusal, denial, disapproval, or concern. shake in one's shoes tremble with apprehension.
shake a leg
1 begin dancing.
2 make a start.
shake off
1 get rid of (something unwanted).
2 manage to evade (a person who is following or pestering one).
shake out
1 empty by shaking.
2 spread or open (a sail, flag, etc.) by shaking. shake-out n. = shake-up.
shake up
1 mix (ingredients) by shaking.
2 restore to shape by shaking.
3 disturb or make uncomfortable.
4 rouse from lethargy, apathy, conventionality, etc. shake-up n. an upheaval or drastic reorganization.
shakeable adj. (also shakable).
Etymology: OE sc(e)acan f. Gmc

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